SAN FRANCISCO  //  2019-2021

My 2+ years at Curology began with a 3 month contract to lead copy for the male audience—a target that was (and is) full of potential, but comprised less than 5% of the custom skincare brand's massive subscriber base. I partnered with the CMO, creative directors, and senior user acquisition managers to build out what is now the foundation of Curology's male brand and creative deployment strategy.

90 days in, I was offered a full-time senior position on Curology's creative team and helped expand the male audience to nearly 30% of the brand's subscriber base within my first 18 months. I led the development of quarterly and project-based testing roadmaps, DR strategy, consumer insight and segmentation focus groups, team-wide creative assets and practices—from backend media repositories and process-building to brand voice and persona development.


I managed a team of scaled-growth creatives (script copywriters, SEM/SEO copywriters) and worked with legal, medical, production, and UA teams to lead ad output that performed and scaled as the brand (and male sub-brand) evolved.


I wrote scripts and engineered iterative, multi-variant testing roadmaps for 50+ digital, social, and offline (CTV/broadcast/radio) brand + DR ad campaigns—many of which continue to serve as brand-wide benchmarks for performance (CAC/CVR). 

Curology continues to grow—with processes, templates, proprietary  tools, data, and creative strategies I incepted still in-place across marketing ops, digital, social, and product spaces.

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