Check-In Flow Deliverable:

Check-in email.


Subject Line Test A:  Masha– checking in.

Subject Line Test B:  Masha, it's time to check in.


Subject Line Hypotheses/Notes: We'll keep "Masha" as the first word in both variants.  Including the user's name in only one variant would confound our ability to measure the efficacy of the subject lines' command/action clauses (as discrepancies could be attributed to the addition or subtraction of "Masha"). 


"Checking in" is a gentle reminder.  It's getting "pinged" on Slack.  "It's time to check in" is authoritarian, it's "hey, we need to knock this out, and in a timely manner." 


The goal of this particular A/B test is to gauge the efficacy of two different degrees of authority while maintaining the same base level of familiarity (i.e. "we know your name.") 


If A primes higher/quicker open rate, then Masha responds more favorably to friendly, nudging language (she might view Curology as a knowledgeable friend and is touching base as such). 


If B primes a better numbers, then Masha responds more favorably to authority (she might view Curology as a medical provider and checks in as she would for a flight or an appointment).

In both instances, we must also account for the possibility that Masha just straight-up loves Curology and it wouldn't matter what the subject line is because she's been waiting on this email.  Alas, there's a degree of safety in assuming disinterest and reluctance (or not assuming at all).

Email Body Copy:

Hey, Masha!

It's been 2 weeks since you got your first superbottle of Curology.

How's your skin handling the formula?

Great!                            Not so great.


Finding clarity is a process.  Your provider, Heather, is here to help you navigate that process every step of the way.

Take 5 minutes to update her on your status.  We'll need a couple pics, so find a calm, private space and get started!



Notes:  Two goals here: Harvest and Help.  A quick happy/sad option in the email body is familiar and presents an opportunity to glean a bit of quick data if we can.  The bulk of the body copy explains the reason for our check in and let's Masha know that her provider needs some info to help her.  Brand voice is a mashup: Masha's cheerleader + Masha's trustworthy friend.  A button (OR the happy/sad faces) will deeplink to the check-in. 


The check-in flow below leverages a combination of the different brand voices for optimal effect.  We want to greet Masha in a friendly manner, but we also want to bring attention to the fact that we're different from competitors because we're serious.  This isn't an infomercial or a subscription platform.  This is a medical service.  We have doctors.  We have patients.  This is like a remote doc visit.  So yes, you need to check in with us for us to do the best job possible and remedy your maladies.  Big sister vibes.  We know what you need.  But also, trustworthy friend.  Lean on us.  Not feeling great?  A bit sketched-out by scaly symptoms?  It's okay.  It's normal.  Breathe.  The fellow acne sufferer chimes in as we reassure Masha that unwanted effects in weeks 1-3 aren't abnormal, they're natural.   It's important to note that as we realize the severity of Masha's irritation, we behave more like a confidant– professional; words pregnant with authority– and less like a pal.  There's going to be a level of frustration inherent with a patient/user who's having a rough go of it during his/her first month.  At the end, we tie things off with reassurance, championing, a bit of cheerleading, and an offering of homework and encouragement while Masha waits for a REAL provider to get back to her.

Another thought– we could have users answer flow Question 1/2 directly in the email body (aka evaluate the degree to which the patient is struggling (if at all).  Depending on the answer, we link to different check-in flows.​  Anything to streamline the process and expedite to the nitty-gritty.  If our user is frustrated, he/she will already have a mouthful for us and wants to vocalize her questions and concerns ASAP.  This would also allow us to taper/stylize our brand voice according to the mood of our user (as assumed by us, in accordance with what we'd assume he/she would be feeling if based on their answer). 


Additionally, check-in for an individual who's having no issues could simply check in by letting us know that everything's cool.  No survey required.  This type of response could trigger a follow-up email with a direct link to "message provider" if symptoms end up changing or concerns arise. 

Check-in flow: