Men with big hair need big hair products.  After working with la sirene, I was stoked to get involved with more outdoor, lifestyle, and fashion brands.  As a surfer, Goldy was perfect.  They are creating a simple, all-organic product for rugged men with big, bad, crazy hair.  Like mine.  I worked with their chemist directly to assist them with how their formulas worked and under what conditions, and how their blend and botanicals could translate to a bitchin' brand.  The idea was simple: Surf, get out of your wetsuit, and mist your dirty mane with a revitalizing blend of essential oils and plant extracts to lock in moisture and keep you looking fine for your post-beach beer date.  Serving as a hire-in for Creative Direction, I designed their logos, labels, and style kits.  I tested and selected their bottles and packaging.  I built their site.  I directed their shoots.  I use their product.