CO-FOUNDER  // SPAIN  //  2014-2016

LolaLingo was the brainchild of myself and a Korean colleague with whom I worked at a similar Seoul-based company called SmileTalking Media during my college years.  We catered to small-to-mid sized European startups in training employees in business English and western business practices.  In most European countries, English certifications and for-business proficiency is a must when looking to get hired or get promoted.  Initially, we were connecting business students at European universities with instructors and professors in the US and UK.  Students signed up for recurring payment plans that scaled according to the package specifications offered/required.  After our first year, our student base and footprint had grown and we began to offer supplemental transcription, translation, branding, and development services as a part of LolaLingo Pro Solutions packages, which were catered and priced depending on the size and requirements of the brands with which we worked.  I sold LolaLingo to my partner and a small party of private investors in 2016 and moved back to the states.