Epytom is a personal styling service on steroids. The clothing pieces offered are not only selected for each individual user, but designed and sewn on-demand for each customer in just 10 days, completely eliminating costly production and dead-stock practices that weigh the fashion industry down.

Principally, Epytom manufactured on-demand wardrobe pieces. The platform featured a first-in-class Facebook Messenger bot that determined user style by analyzing his/her personal style preferences across social accounts.

I was brought on as Creative Director to help Epytom reimagine itself as MAISON ME after receiving funding from Google to be incorporated into their upcoming Google Assistant and Google Home experiences.

After gaining additional funding from Google, Epytom rebranded as MAISON ME, a personal AI-powered stylist built for Google Home and Google Assistant. I led this rebrand. MAISON ME Stylist offers custom-curated StyleHacks, delivered daily via email. The metadata, language, and logic built for these StyleHacks was then leveraged for Google's purposes to allow Home/Assistant users to "ask Google" the question of "What should I wear today?" based on our analysis of the user's social activity, color preferences, and style tendencies.

When a user is missing a wardrobe item or wants something more than what major brands can offer, MAISON ME allows users to custom order zero-waste items that are manufactured on demand for under $300, from coats to dresses and more.

I led MAISON ME through multiple re-branding lifecycles, worked closely with teams at Google to optimize the scripting for Google Home and Google Assistant platforms, and singlehandedly captained the brand's style newsletters, SEO, A/B landing webpages, Typeform surveys, and social content.

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