Snapchat Deliverable:

Caption Variant 1:  There's something hiding in your shower.

Brand Voice:  Masha's geeky, know-it-all friend

Hypothesis/Notes:  Obviously. A sarcastic FYI. Just so you know, babe.  And you do know. Because we all know: That feeling when you're scrubbing your mug and there's a sore bump somewhere there shouldn't be.  There's definitely a bit of Masha's fellow acne sufferer in here as well, with some "ode-to-any-horror-flick" peppered in.  If Masha's reminded of this shared experience (and the fear that comes with it), she'll start thinking more seriously about making damn sure it doesn't happen again any time soon.  That means taking real action.  She knows what it's like to find something "hiding" in the shower.  It's time to arm herself.

Caption Variant 2:  You didn't plan on pimples. (We did.)

Brand Voice:  Masha's pushy big sister

Hypothesis/Notes:  A bit of sass with a touch of I got ya back.  Masha, you've got things to do, places to be, sights and sites to see, etc. You might not have planned on your ex showing up at that karaoke bar Friday, but your pushy big sister did.  And she didn't have time for his/her "take me back speech."  You might not have planned on a pimple mid-freshen-session (who does?), but Curology has got it covered.  Literally.  If Masha feels backed-up, she might jump on a free trial.

Caption Variant 3:  Oh, hellllll no...

Brand Voice:  Masha's fellow acne sufferer

Hypothesis/Notes:  Misfortune can be a laughing matter in the vast inter-webs.  Masha's fellow acne suffer is no stranger to the occasional bit of sardonic memery.  Masha knows the feeling ("I know you're not in my shower/on my face right now") and snaps her fingers sassily as she reads the caption.  If she chuckles, she'll look to the stage and call for an encore with a clickthrough.