After closing my chapter in Europe, I was searching for consistency after a long tenure of traveling and constant creative chaos.  As a surfer and someone who'd fallen into tech, SF was calling.  I received an offer from SoMa-based streaming aggregator Yidio and begin a month after my return to the US.  At Yidio, I managed a team of 15 content writers, a small editorial staff, and co-managed a remote dev operation based in Pakistan.  As a big-picture guy predominantly focused on image, brand, and language, I was thrown into a nest of folks who spoke in code.  I learned SQL quickly.  I led my dev team to create and implement backend tools like automated link-checking admins and alert dashboards for flagging bugs and broken provider APIs to optimize our aggregation model, which changed almost daily as feeds and deep link formats evolved and updated.  I assisted in constant redesigns of native, mobile, and web and worked closely with the COO and Creative Director to make sure we were constantly improving our approach to content curation and provider aggregation.  On a business-dev side, I helped expanded our provider coverage from 200 streaming media partners to over 30 premium, subscription, and free providers around the world, working closely with teams at companies like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO.

I left Yidio in the winter of 2017 to finish a novel and pursue creative projects with SF-based film production company and print studio, The Dailies.


Due to confidentiality agreements (NDAs & non-competes), I cannot display my models, bootstraps, admin designs, or mockups publicly here, but am happy top provide private samples upon request.  


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