YouTube Ad Deliverables:

Pitch 1: "Waiting"

The Value Prop: Curology is convenient (a)

The Brand Voice: Masha’s fellow acne sufferer

The Pitch: Waiting sucks.  We all do it. And most of the time, there’s no escaping the wait.  Taco trucks. Queues outside clubs you didn’t want to go to in the first place.  Men who arrive to a first date “fashionably late.” The 2005 movie, Waiting, starring Ryan Reynolds.  Streamlining our lifestyles means speeding up the things we can and sucking it up for the things we can’t.  We’ll showcase Masha reluctantly tolerating some of these infamous millennial “waits” in a series of quicktakes before landing on our hero in line at the dermatologist’s office.  The queue is comically long, out the door and into the parking lot. Masha watches from line as people walk in and out of the DMV [with uncanny and obviously hyperbolic efficiency], which is directly next-door. <Enter, Curology>. Just snap a pic, consult with your provider, and receive your custom superbottle.  No lines. Just results. <Cut to logo>.

Pitch 2: "Real Knows Real"

The Value Prop: Curology is customized (c)

The Brand Voice: Masha’s pushy big sister

The Pitch: I've read over the Curology Brand voices so many times that they're with me for life at this point.  You know who I like?  Masha's pushy big sister.  She doesn't take s##t from anyone, but she dishes it out like Dollar-Footlongs at a Subway lunch break (do those still exist?).  Masha's wary of B.S. and her big sis doesn't tolerate it.  Real recognizes real.  In this bit, we'd watch a series of moments in which Masha's big sister bats away B.S. (figuratively and, oh yes, literally).  She slams the door of a white Mercedes before Masha can follow an over-dressed "bro" with his shirt unbuttoned too far into the back seat.  She slides Masha's greasy cheeseburger into the trash, only to replace it with a bigger, better greasy cheeseburger.  TSA pre-check (or Clear).  Court-side at the Warriors game.  First class on Alaska, cocktails in hand.  Passing a chic brunch spot on a Sunday jog, Masha turns to the restaurant door but big sis grabs her sleeve and pulls her back. Finally, Masha is checking her acne with her camera phone when PING, a text comes in from "Sis" with a deeplink to Curology.  The general consensus is that big sis thinks she knows what Masha needs, and usually she's right on the money.  No shortcuts.  Go big or go home.  Curology and its docs, like Masha's sister, are real.  And as aforementioned, real recognizes real.

Pitch 3: "Odds Are"

The Value Prop: Curology is better than drugstore products and/or dermatologist visits (e)

The Brand Voice: Masha’s fellow acne sufferer

The Pitch: The skincare space today is a mess.  It’s oversaturated with remedies that “might work,” forcing us to take a blind, shotgun approach to curing a persistent condition that really just needs some specialized, personalized TLC from someone who knows what they’re talking about.  In “Odds Are," we’ll follow Masha as she [literally] fights her way through the chaos of crackpots, cliches, and quick-fixes. This particular vision could be realized as single ad or as a mini-series (each quick-fix could live in its own ad @ 10-15 seconds, respectively). Masha visits holistic derma-gurus; she scrubs grilling charcoal on her face; she screams in the mirror in self-affirmation; she drinks a suspicious smoothie, gagging, only to realize that it wasn’t to be ingested, but spread on her face; she treks through a drugstore as people scream and throw products at her in hilarious beratement.  Now, <Enter Curology>.  Goodbye, ‘you-should-try...’. We see a smiling Masha apply her formula from a custom superbottle and with a deep breath we <cut to logo>.

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